Moms Of Master Books: A Review and Unit Study For The New Astronomy Book

The New Astronomy Book
As soon as I received my new book from New Leaf Publishing Group, I knew it was going to become our Homeschool’s Science Curriculum for this year. The updated book is from The Wonder’s of Creation series and is called: The New Astronomy Book.

I have a brief review of the book and then I am sharing the Unit Study that I created for the first chapter of the book. We will be using the study the next two weeks for our Science classes.


As soon as the book arrived, my children were pouring through it. The photos are amazing and really draw the children’s attention to wanting to know more about what is in the photo or graphic. The book then offers three levels of information – level one is for the whole family and levels two and three are for progressively older children and adults.

This book presents hard science from a Creation perspective. I really appreciated the related scripture references in each chapter to tie concepts back to our Creator.

Chapters include The Night Sky, Our Solar System, The Sun, History of Astronomy, The Expanding Universe, and more.

Lastly, there is a 24 inch pull out poster of our solar system which we can put on a wall, giving the children the opportunity to visualize and memorize the planets and their moons.

Unit Study – Chapter 1 – The Night Sky

For our homeschool, we will be reading levels one and two to the whole family, then I and our oldest child will read level three together.

For projects and further study, we will do the following:

  • Get books from the library with the constellations.
  • Go out one evening and see what constellations we can recognize. Also try to find the North Star.
  • Make our own constellations using black paper and white crayons and/or paint.
  • Memorize the scripture verse.
  • Pretend to be planets and rotate around the sun.
  • Find videos about the space race (for the section on “Rockets Race to the Red Planet”)

For the oldest child doing the 3rd level, we will also:

  • Read Job 38 and journal about it.
  • Find more information on Retrograde Motion.

I look forward to a fun school year learning about Astronomy!

If there is interest, I will post Unit Studies for future chapters.

Introducing April’s Beauty Shop – There Is Something Here For Every Woman


Why Avon, April? Why would a simple living kind of gal be into Avon?

Because you can be simple and still love pretty things, looking pretty, feeling good.

Because simple living isn’t paying the bills anymore.

Because there is something here for every woman. How useful to have a business that is For Every Woman!


What can I find at April’s Beauty Shop?

An apple peeler corer, ceramic pumpkins, paints for the children to play with in the bathtub, sparkly nail polish, a cardigan, hot black boots, scarves, jewelry, watches, nail decals, things to make your eyes look big… or smokey, fragrances, lotions, serious anti-aging skin care, bold bright lips, slippers, licensed children’s goodies, purses, and ….

Maybe I should challenge my readers to see if they can’t find something, just one thing they would like or could use????


How do I shop?

Just click the on Aprils Beauty Shop here or above on the menu!



Homeschool Giveaway! It’s NOT Greek To Me DVD

ItsGreekToMe Give Away

Even if you are not into Classical Conversations (I know a lot of moms who are), there are a lot of great reasons to learn Greek, including understanding the New Testament better.

From the NLPG site:

This video-based learning program is meant to be a basic introduction to Greek that will not overwhelm or frustrate you. Learn enough of the grammar to understand every Greek reference your pastor makes. Discover:

  • The Greek alphabet
  • Punctuation (and how it’s used!)
  • Nouns, verbs, voice & moods
  • Nominative, genitives, vocatives, accusatives, & datives (the – tives of when to use what word and how)
  • How to apply your new skills!

Onto the giveaway:

NLPG has blessed me with a copy of It’s Not Greek To Me DVD series to give away on my blog. See below for how to enter. If you want the DVD for sure, order it on New Leaf Publishing’s web site.

Giveaway Entry Instructions:

1) You must leave a comment here to enter.

2) The comment must include why you would like the book.

3) The comment must include at least one (you may do more) way you shared this raffle (and therefore a link to my blog link) with others. You can say you shared it on Facebook, Pinned it, emailed it to friends, etc…

4) You may also, but you dont have to, include info about your homeschool this year (style, curriculum, goals, etc…) or just say hello!

At the end of the contest, the first comment will be #1, the second #2, etc… We will draw the number out of a bucket and then find the comment that matches. Yes, there is software like Rafflecopter that does this, but it doesn’t work on sites hosted on wordpress, so we are doing things the old fashioned way!

Encouragement From Holley Gerth: God Wants to Encourage You Today


From Holley’s Blog:

You encourage them and you listen to their cry. Psalm 10:17

It would be easier to pull the covers back over her head. It would be simpler to let the sun stream through the windows and not rise to greet it. It would be less painful to turn over and let sleep seize her again.

But she doesn’t let the depression win. Not today. She pushes back the blankets and puts her feet on the floor. She stretches her arms to the heavens and whispers, “Help me, Jesus.” She takes a step away from her comfort zone and into the arms of the Savior who is waiting to walk with her through every moment of her day.” Continue:

I’m Having A Baby! – Mission India Blog

Indian Girl

Tell Her She Counts!

Jennifer of Mission India is having a baby – yea! As she thinks about naming her child, she laments that there are 1000s of girls in India who are given the name Nakusa – which means unwanted.  Read more at the Mission India blog:  I’m Having A Baby! – Mission India Blog

WAHM: Legit, Non-MLM Work At Home Jobs

WAHM: Legit Jobs

100’s of jobs at Rat Race Rebellion

I have been blessed by a friend who passed me one simple link. A link to a site that has been vetting and making connections with real companies that provide real, work from home, in your PJs, with your children playing quietly type jobs. Companies like, American Express and LionBridge are just a few. For those that just want to move onto the jobs, here is the link: Rat Race Rebellion. I recommend signing up for the email newsletter.

For those that would like a little more information first, here is an overview of what is available on the site.

Types of jobs available include: Accounting, virtual admins, blogging, call center and customer service, teaching and education, healthcare, legal, medical transcription, mystery shopping, technical, translation, web testing, editing, and writing.

Companies include:  Pizza Hut,, LionBridge, American Express Travel, Intuit, PricewaterhouseCoopers, American Airlines, Crushable, Apple, Best Western Hotels, CenturyLink,, Hilton, HSN, Blackboard, MySQL,, Textbroker, and Yahoo. There are a few 100 more.

The two areas that interested me most when I went to the site is the listing of legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies and the listing for all the corporations that have work from home call centers. These I have looked into a little more than the other areas.

If you click on the link on the upper left corner – Today’s Screened Job Leads – you get exactly that (with some ads throughout the page as that is how they make their money).

Obviously, you still have to double-check anything you would apply to. These guys really appear to be doing their research, but they can make mistakes.


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A Simple Life: A Little Shift In Perspective


What is on the “menu” for A Simple Life in this new season of blog writing? 

I am going to make the blog more about the reality of my life and the life of my family, and a little less about trying to come up with snazzy blog posts that I think people want to read… and that I think 1000’s of other Christian Homeschooling moms are writing about.

There will be more about the missions, relief organizations, and ministries that I really am supporting and praying for. 

There will be more about working from home and how to make some supplemental income – legitimately and without feeling sleazy or like you are just trying to sell to your friends all the time. 

There will be more about food and natural living, natural healing – and the reality of the need for western meds on occasion:-)

There might be a bit or two about travel – frugal travel, of course. 

And there should be more than I have currently written about homeschooling and home life. 

But what I want most is interaction. How did you come to this blog? What do you want to know more about? What can I do for you? 

Blessings on this new season of life.